Model Information

Expedition 2.0
Constant Evolution

Nowhere is our commitment to product progression and value better expressed than in our all-new Expedition 2.0. Completely new from top to bottom, this category symbolizes our focus and dedication.

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Tested & Informed


"The first time I rode the Expedition bindings I was blown away, because they perform and function just like my normal Unions, but they also tour in a very simple way."

  • Forrest Shearer,
    Jones Snowboards Pro

Tested & Informed


"This is the first binding we have fully developed with our new HP 3D printter. This allows us to adjust the 3D drawings during the day, print new prototypes at night and test those directly on snow the next morning. This new process has completely changed the way we develop bindings."

  • Pier Patriarca,
    Union Binding Engineer

Updated Parts

Big accomplishments happen by focusing on all of the small details. The New Expedition has a completely new look aesthetically, but it's the sum of its parts is what makes the difference. Below are some of the upgrades to the new system.

Optimized Pivot Point

All-New Touring Bracket

All-New Split FLAD

All-New Split Disk

All-New Baseplate

Spring-Loaded Pin

“The whole skin up, I’m thinking about the ride down. And the whole ride down, I’m just thinking about my line, not my gear, ever.

It’s that peace of mind you get from Union’s commitment to their splitboard system.”

-Forrest Shearer

Hike Mode

Process Point 01

Align toe edge of binding with touring bracket. Slide the pin through the binding and touring bracket, lock the pin securely into place.

Process Point 02

For more comfort, set the highback to touring mode. Your highback should have zero forward lean when touring mode is engaged.

Process Point 03

For help on steep climbs, flip down the heel riser underneath the baseplate and lock securely into place.

Process Point 04

If extra traction is needed, insert crampon handle into the baseplate horizontally and turn 90° to lock securely into place. (Crampons sold separately)

Ride Mode

Process Point 01

Set the highback to ride mode. Your FLAD should be resting on top of the heelcup and your highback should have positive forward lean when ride mode is engaged.

Process Point 02

With the pin removed from the base, push the binding directly down onto the disk.

Process Point 03

Following the arrows on the disk, rotate the binding assembly 90* to align with the pin hole. The binding will lock into place at your selected stance angle.

Process Point 04

Push the pin through the baseplate and disk. Lock the pin securely into place. Enjoy the ride down!