Duraflex CB

Blended with carbon fiber, Duraflex CB is lighter and considerably more stiff than typical fiberglass injected nylon parts.

Duraflex ST

Simply put, Duraflex ST is the same material as regular Duraflex, but with increased glass for more response without the weight. Designed for cold temperatures.


Duraflex material was specifically engineered to maintain consistent flex in a wide range of cold temperatures. Exclusive to Union for snowsports products.

Forged Carbon

Exclusive to UNION, Forged Carbon exceeds the strength requirements of injected plastic tenfold. Lighter is only better when it's stronger.

Forged Hybrid HB

Duraflex Nylon and Forged Carbon combine to create a flex profile that compliments Travis Rice's aggressive riding style.

Fused Vaporlite +

20% lighter than the original and still just as waterproof, durable and vibration canceling.

OTE Fused Vaporlite

OTE Fused Vaporlite Bushing System sets new standards for vibration dampening and natural board flex. Industry first.

MD Thermoformed EVA

Multidensity Bushings sustain their function each season - unlike urethane, rubber or other materials that change color and become brittle over time.

FB Thermoformed Eva

The Full Bottom Bushing system allows for natural canting, incredible vibration dampening and a surfy feel.

Thermoformed EVA

Shock absorbtion saves your heels and promotes a true and even board flex.

Extruded 3D Aluminum

Designed for optimum heel hold and minimization of drag, Union 3D Extruded Aluminum heelcups are the strongest in the business.


This Union exclusive process produces a material four times the strength of aluminum with only half the weight. Easy in, easy out.


Fast in and fast out - the new mechanism combined with Union aluminum is superior to any binding buckle on the market - with the exception of Union Magnesium.

Grade 8.8 Steel

The strongest steel available on the market - our use of Grade 8.8 represents our commitment of delivering the strongest and most reliable bindings on the market today.

Non-Stick Gas Pedal

Fused Vaporlite Non-stick gas pedals shed water and snow like nothing you’ve experienced before. Gone are the days of icy build up under your boots.

Hex Direct Connect

Contouring perfectly around the outside of your boots, Hex Ankle Straps are incredibly durable, and light as a feather.

Exoframe 2.0 w/ Hinge

Featured on the FF, this ankle strap is the evolution of the original ExoFrame, with a new shape and hinging system that allows for easier entry. Extremely responsive.

FormaElite Direct Connect

Designed by Travis Rice, the Forma Elite Ankle Strap fits his riding style and minimal approach towards the perfect binding.

Classic Pro

A wider and more traditional design, the Classic Pro Ankle Strap compliments the Force model perfectly – A time honored legend of a snowboard binding.


New and improved, the design of the Forma Ankle Strap produces strength and rapid response on the outside, fit and pillowed comfort on the inside.


Redesigned and upgraded, the all new Exoframe Ankle Strap functions as a suspension system for your feet. Improved comfort and much lighter than before.


Pre-Curved Multi-Layer Strap Core conforms to the boot and eliminates foot pain. Easy adjustment and set up.

Classic Lite

Once featured on our most expensive models, the Classic Lite Ankle Strap is a prime example of how “trickle down” technology works.

Hexgrip/Ultra Grip Straps

Multi-Positional options and thermoplastic anti-slip material keeps you locked in and on point. Each version has differing amounts of material based on weight.


Toe strap adjustment has been redesigned and reinforced with double the connection strength, thanks to the new pin system.


The evolution of our innovative concept of minimizing dead spots taken one step further - a mere 5% binding-to-board contact area. 4x2 and Channel compatible.

Universal Disk

Compatible with 4x4, 4x2 and the channel. The Universal disk provides increased response and a locked in connection.


Split Flad

Easily switch from hike mode to ride mode on the Union Expedition. Quicker change over time means more snowboarding for you.

Push-Pin Flad

Rotate center of FLAD 90*, push and slide to your preferred setting. Only available on the Strata and Legacy.

Classic Flad

Pull the lever away from the highback and quickly adjust your forward lean angle to suit the terrain in front of you.