The Future of Bindings


We stand firmly to our commitment of evolving snowboard bindings by constantly introducing cutting edge materials, modern manufacturing processes and pioneering new levels of durability.

MiniDisk vs.
Traditional Disk

Whether your preference is the surfy, natural board flexing feel of our minidisk baseplates, or the locked-in reaction of our traditional baseplates, Union has you covered. This collection combines the wide ranging performance of Duraflex, Duraflex ST, and Duraflex CB to create specific flexing bindings at each price.

Schematic V.01


It's a simple fact - the larger a binding's baseplate footprint is,the more effect it has on how your board flexes. Union baseplates are designed to provide supreme strength with the smallest footprint possible - crucially reducing interference with a board's true flex.

Schematic V.01

Fused Vaporlite +

The next generation of Fused Vaporlite has arrived. 20% lighter than the original and still just as waterproof, durable and vibration canceling. Featured on the 2019 Ultra and Falcor.

Schematic V.02

Ote Fused Vaporlite

OTE or "Over The Edge" bushings wrap around the outside of the baseplate for extra padding. If you’re looking for a softer more surfy feel, the OTE bushing is made for you.

Schematic V.03

Non-stick Gas Pedals

Fused Vaporlite Non-stick gas pedals shed water and snow like nothing you’ve experienced before. Gone are the days of icy build up under your boots.

Schematic V.04

Canted Eva Footbeds

You asked for it and you got it. New for 2019, two of Union’s most popular models, the Force and Trilogy, will now feature canted EVA footbeds. Canted footbeds supply extra leverage for ollie power and help to align the ankle and knee joints to alleviate pain.

Schematic V.01

Hex Grip with Secure-Lock

Toe strap adjustment has been redesigned and reinforced with double the connection strength, thanks to the new pin system. Multi-Positional options and thermoplastic anti-slip material keeps you locked in and on point.

Schematic V.02

Exoframe 2.0 Ankle Straps

Redesigned and fine tuned, the all new Exoframe 2.0 Ankle strap functions as a suspension system for your feet. Improved comfort, extended durability, and an all-new hinging system that allows for easier entry. Extremely responsive.

Schematic V.03

New Hardware / Lock Washers

If you’ve previously had issues with hardware loosening up, it’s most likely because your Loctite wore off. New for 19/20, all Union bindings come equipped with Lock Washers.

Schematic V.04

All-New Ultra Highbacks

Completely redesigned for increased durability, the super lightweight 19/20 Ultra Highback features 20% more bombproof Forged Carbon. The new shape provides flex where you want it, and response where you need it.